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7 simple but effective energy-saving methods for air compressors

Time: 2021-04-27

As one of the power sources of manufacturing enterprises, compressed air needs to be operated continuously to ensure the stability of air supply pressure. This is the basic condition for the production and operation of enterprises, and the air compressor unit as the main manufacturing equipment is the core equipment to undertake this task. There is a constant need for continuous and reliable operation to ensure trouble-free and stable operation. Since it is an operating device, it needs to be powered on, and the large power consumption is the core of the cost increase. At the same time, in the process of continuous gas supply, whether there is leakage and invalid use of the entire gas supply pipe network system inside the enterprise, so that the produced compressed air leaks in vain, which is another core of the increase in cost. In order to effectively reduce the use cost of air compressors, there are several methods as follows.

1.Using screw air compressor to replace the piston machine.

Compared with traditional piston compressors, screw air compressors have the advantages of simple structure, small size, higher reliability, stability, and simple maintenance.

2.Leakage control of the entire pipe network system during the use of compressed air.

The average leakage of compressed air in the factory is as high as 20-30%, so the primary task of saving energy is to control leakage.

3.Perform pressure drop management.

Set up pressure gauges in each section of the pipeline. Generally, when the air compressor is exported to the point of use in the factory, the pressure drop cannot exceed 1 bar, and more stringently, it cannot exceed 10%, that is, 0.7 bar. The pressure drop of the air dryer filter section is generally 0.2bar. Check the pressure drop of each section in detail. If there is a problem, it needs to be maintained in time.

4.Using high-efficiency permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor.

At present, the permanent magnet motor saves more than 10% energy than the general motor. It has the advantages of constant pressure air, which will not cause pressure difference waste, and no need to load and unload.

5.Multiple devices adopt centralized control.

The centralized linkage control of multiple air compressors can avoid the stepped exhaust pressure increase caused by the parameter setting of multiple air compressors, resulting in waste of output air energy. The joint control of multiple air compressor units, post-processing equipment and facilities linkage control, air supply system flow monitoring, air supply pressure monitoring, and air supply temperature monitoring can effectively avoid various problems in equipment operation and improve equipment operation reliability.

6. Lower the air compressor inlet temperature.

The environment where the air compressor is located is generally appropriate to place it indoors. Generally, the internal temperature of the air compressor station is higher than that of the outdoor, so outdoor gas extraction can be considered. Do a good job in equipment maintenance and cleaning, increase the heat dissipation effect of the air compressor, the exchange effect of water-cooled, air-cooled heat exchangers, and maintain oil quality, etc., all of which can reduce energy consumption.

7. Waste heat recovery during compression.

Air compressor waste heat recovery generally uses efficient waste heat recovery equipment to heat the cold water by absorbing the air compressor waste heat without additional energy consumption. It mainly solves the problems of employees' lives and industrial hot water, saving a lot of energy for the enterprise, thereby greatly saving the output cost of the enterprise.