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3 Units of 37kw 0.7bar Oil Free Air Blowers for Wastewater Treatment Industry

Time: 2022-10-28

Accompany with the rapid development of manufacturing industry and the increasing improvement of human's living standards,sewage treatment has gradually become the focus, so the sewage treatment industry is getting more attention in the world day to day.Therefore, sewage treatment plants need the most advanced equipment to provide power to support their daily running.Including to enable these plants purify water consistently to ensure that communities can get the highest quality water resources.

Sewage treatment industry always request air compressor to improve the efficiency of equipment to save production cost. So, how is air compressor to apply in the sewage treatment industry?

1.The role of air compressor in sewage treatment industry

In the process of sewage treatment in water plant, air compressor mainly as pneumatic components to provides air source for all pneumatic components, and aerates to the bottom of filter tank to make the filter tank fully stirred. According to the sewage treatment capacity, for example, a sewage treatment plant of 5,000 tons to 18,000 tons needs about 2 sets of air compressor system, about 2 sets for 10 cubic meters.

2.Selection of air compressor selection in sewage treatment industry

In previous period of sewage treatment industry, piston compressor was used usually. Accompany with the oil free air blower was advent, their superior performance have been gradually replacing piston compressors. At present, most sewage treatment plants are using oil free air blower. As more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to energy saving and emission reduction, sewage treatment plants need to use gas perennial. If we use ordinary air compressor, it will cause a large amount of electric energy was wasted. Oil free air blower has the characteristics of 100% oil free, low energy consumption, low noise, long life ,low production cost and so on. It has been accredited and used widely in the market.

Whatever air pollution,water pollution or other pollution, these worsening environmental problems will bring great impact and trouble to human. In order to ensure a green and good living environment, it is imperative to control pollution. Water resources are essential substances for our daily life. The rapid development of sewage treatment industry will certainly lead the rapid development of air compressor industry and bring more benefits to human.

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3 units of oil free blowers

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