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9 Units of Low Pressure Air Compressors for Glass Industry

Time: 2022-10-28

In glass industry, especially for substrate glass production, the compressed air is the main medium in production line, material line and production workshop. Here are some main uses of compressed air in glass industry.

1. Combustion-supporting
When the production line burn the glass liquid in the furnace, the compressed air supports combustion and atomizes the medium to burn completely. Also, the compressed air can cool and protect the oil and the leftover in the oil cavity during the fire alteration.

2. Medium-transporting
The compressed air is mainly used for scorched powder pipeline transportation. It can decrease the producing cost by transporting the powder to workshops through the pipeline.

3. Executive Gas for Devices
The compressed air applies to the pneumatic equipment such as the source air in cylinder or pneumatic valve.

4. Environmental Dust Removal System Blowback
The compressed air is used in dust collector and self-cleaning air filter to filter the particulate matter in the air.

5. Blow Molding Technology
The compressed air can make the molten glass into narrow neck bottle by pressure blow molding. But the air compressor need to filter and dry out the compressed air.


compressor for glass industry

9 units of low pressure air compressor


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