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Maintainance of Air Compressor 

Time: 2017-11-14

Air compressor maintainance is to replace all the wearing parts. After working for 1000 hours or a year the filter should be replaced .
In the dusty areas, the  interval time  of replacement should be shortened. The filter must be shut down when servicing. We need to check all components of the compressor and solve all problems.

The Principle of Repair Disassembly

According to different parts of the air compressor structure ,disassembly should consider the operating procedures in advance, in order to avoid inversion, resulting in confusion, or coveted, slammer, causing parts damage and deformation.
The order of disassembly is generally the opposite of the order of assembly, that is, the first to remove the external accessories, then remove internal zero and parts, remove them from the upper part to the lower part .Use a dedicated tool when disassembling.
Large parts and components of air compressor are very heavy, when you are ready to lift the lifting tools, rope sets, and pay attention to protect the components when tied, do not hurt and damaged.
Do not put on the ground. Parts and components should be placed on the mat, such as piston of large air compressor, cylinder, crankshaft, crankshaft, and connecting rods.Small parts should be put on the box. Precision parts should be protected specially.
Remove the parts as much as possible according to the original structur,such as crankshaft and bearing pads.

maintainance of air compressor