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CE EU MD 2006/42/EC and LVD 2006/95/EEC, ISO, TUV, ASME

Elang Nantong New Factory

Elang Group New Factory is built in Nantong.

In China air compressor industry, there is such a company, since the last century, dozens of years hard work and always focus on the screw air compressor R&D and manufacturing. All her life is only for one thing, and once charting out a correct direction, she will do this thing more perfect, that is ELANG concentration and persistence.

Elang Group New Factory in Nantong

Elang Group New Factory in Nantong

ELANG group is located in Nanxiang Industrial Development Zone, Jiading District, Shanghai, which is the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai and China's quality service integrity AAA-class corporation. ELANG Group development extends a number of areas, it contains ELANG INDUSTRIAL (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD., SHANGHAI ELANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD., SHANGHAI GREENLODY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, SHANGHAI JIXIANG ALUMINIUM PANEL MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD etc.
ELANG owns a whole set of mature production technology standards, from R&D, design to production and assembly, ELANG establish the standard production line supported by technology. ELANG production is checked step by step strictly to ensure that each process in a scientific and standardized seamless docking.
As one of the world's largest air compressor system suppliers, ELANG currently develops these products: Rotary Screw Air Compressor Series, 100% Pure Oil-free Air Compressor Series, Medium /Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor Series, Combined Screw Air pressure Series, Variable Frequency Screw Air Compressor Series that can save energy max 30%, Steam Turbine Air Compressor Series, Heat Recovery Screw Air Compressor Series and matched after treatment equipment etc. ELANG products have won the title of China's famous brand, France international science and technology and quality improvement awards, and a number of product design patents. ELANG Products are widely used in various fields.
German standard, Made in ELANG. As the industry's leading technology enterprise, ELANG has always being focused on the talent cultivation and quality pursuit. We have a good batch of talent team with solid foundation of air dynamics and always active in mechanical application and technology R&D, that make ELANG achieved unparalleled advantages in the technology R&D and product innovation and customized etc.
ELANG obtain rapid development based on innovation and scientific research and win great attention of the industry. ELANG invests 10% of annual profit for product research and development, and is the first to create its own energy efficiency laboratory. Our compressors have obtained the national GC level energy efficiency certification, and we have achieved product airflow 15% higher than the same industry , and some products up to 30% energy saving.
At present, with Shanghai production base as the core, ELANG has established the production, sales and service networks , that radiating 34 provincial-level administrative districts and more than 100 countries. ELANG brand impact throughout the world. In 2016, ELANG total sales exceeded 100 million RMB.
Behind such a huge system, it is ELANG people constant persist. Choose ELANG, without worry for fifty years. ELANG give 10 years quality guaranty concept for its sold products, 24-hour after-sales service, full-way after-sales tracking and lifelong maintenance.
ELANG, made the cleanest aerodynamic! Choose ELANG, fifty years without worry!

Elang factory

Elang Group Factory in Jiading District, Shanghai