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Advantages of oil free screw air compressor

Time: 2016-09-18

1. the oil injected air compressor greatly waste lubricating oil, for example, a 7.5KW high quality oil injected  air compressor,  the minimum monthly consumption is 5 kg of oil, it will consume 60 kg of oil in a year. at the same time, in order to remove the oil in the compressed air , we need to use high efficiency oil filter and replace it a lot, which  is also a great cost.

2. because the high viscous of lubricating oil, the oil removal equipment can not completely remove the oil.

3. refrigerated dryer, no heat regeneration dryer, heat regeneration dryer etc. because of the oil in the compressed air it loss function; while the oil free compressor air without oil, which highly  protect the water removing equipment, reduce the maintenance of water removal equipment.

4. the use of oil free air compressor can prevent pressure loss in oil equipment brings and greatly reduce the motor load, to achieve energy-saving effect.