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Advantages of two stage compressor

Time: 2017-04-26

General oil injection single stage compression compressor can be normally used in dynamical system to achieve the discharge pressure & air delivery requirements. But from the view of energy consumption. It can save a lot of energy by using two stage compression.

two stage compressor

Compared with single stage compression, two stage compression tends to the most energy saving isothermal compression, it will save 5% yo 8% energy more than single stage compression. 

two-stage air compressor

According to the engineering thermodynamic theory, isothermal compression is the most energy saving compression solutions, see following Figure 1 P-V (indicator diagram), we can come to the following conclusions: area from 0-1-2T-3-0 presents the power needed during isothermal compression, area 0-1-2m-3-0 presents the actual power needed during polytropic compression, so the power needed during isothermal compression is less than it during polytropic compression. It reduces the power consumption during compression and reduces the temperature of compressed air, making the compressor running more reliable.     

indicator diagram

Figure 1 P-V (indicator diagram) 

Two stage compression use two group of different size rotors, to realize the reasonable pressure distribution and lower the compression ratio of each stage compression.

   A: It reduces the internal leakage and increases the volume efficiency

   B: It reduces the load of bearing, longer the service life of bearing and air end.


In conclusion, two stage compressor is more energy saving than single stage compressor, ELANG has very mature technology & experience in producing two stage compressors, welcome to inquiry.