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Advantages of using frequency converter in air compressor

Time: 2020-11-06

In recent years, my country's call for energy conservation and emission reduction has been increasing, and the demand for energy-saving equipment has also increased.
Increasing energy conservation has also become a realistic task facing the air compressor industry. Frequency conversion air compressor is an energy-saving air compressor, its advantages are as follows:

Set the pressure at will, and maintain a constant supply pressure

1.Under the set pressure, the unit will always maintain a constant pressure supply of ±0.1bar;
2.Satisfy the user to set the pressure arbitrarily in the range of 3~14bar, without changing gears or belts;(Note: The highest pressure value should be determined when purchasing the machine);
3.When the air volume is small, the pressure remains the same and the speed is automatically reduced, and only enough air volume is satisfied;
4.When the air consumption is large, the pressure remains unchanged and the speed is automatically compensated to ensure the air supply needs;

Remote control

Using advanced control, monitoring and communication systems, through the Internet, users can easily obtain technical assistance from suppliers all over the world in time.

Energy saving

Compared with traditional air compressors, air compressors with frequency converters installed can automatically adjust the operation of the air compressor according to the air consumption, which can save energy and have a significant effect.

Efficient power saving

1.With variable speed control technology, the compressor's displacement can be perfectly combined with the user's air consumption, completely avoiding the loss of unloading power;
2.Under the condition of intermittent air consumption, through the zero load effect of soft start, the current and torque peaks are avoided, so the unit can start and stop unlimited times. Really achieve 0-100% stepless speed change and control the generation of useless work to the maximum extent;
3.Eliminate the extra pressure burden of 2bar, allowing the air compressor unit to directly save energy by 14%, because every 1bar reduction in working pressure can save 7% of energy loss;

Extend the service life of the air compressor

The frequency converter starts the air compressor from 0Hz, which can adjust the start time of the air compressor, thereby reducing the impact on some electrical or mechanical parts inside the air compressor when starting, enhancing the reliability of the system and ensuring the service life of the compressor extend.
In addition, the frequency conversion control can reduce the current fluctuation when the unit starts, which will affect the power consumption of the grid and other equipment. The inverter can effectively reduce the starting current peak value to the minimum.

More reliable

1.Frequency conversion soft start avoids electrical shock and mechanical shock
2.Eliminate the disadvantages of long-term high-speed operation of the unit
3.No contactor to avoid electrical contact failure
4.Eliminate the high pressure of 2bar, reducing the probability of system leakage

Energy saving and environmental protection, equipment in place, start immediately

The variable frequency air compressor unit does not require special installation foundation. The low-speed axial fan and modern vibration isolation and noise reduction measures make the noise of the compressor very low during operation, so it is convenient for users to place on the production site. As long as the equipment is in place, the pipeline is fast Connected, can be started immediately.

Reduced the noise of the air compressor

After the inverter is installed, the motor speed of the compressor is obviously slowed down in the required working conditions, and the noise generated by the air compressor has been significantly reduced. According to on-site inspection, the current noise is 3-7 decibels lower than the original noise.