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Air compressor fault symptoms and elimination

Time: 2020-09-01

Screw compressor is composed of two parts: main engine and auxiliary engine,Host machine includes: Air End and motor Auxiliary engines include: intake system injection and oil and gas separation system cooling system control system and intake system. Specifically, the main components include: motor ,air end, oil and gas separator,cooler ,air dryer ,filter and other auxiliary components include: solenoid valve, one-way valve, reciprocating valve, temperature control valve ,vent valve, minimum pressure valve, trap valve, hoist valve ,oil mirror return pipe, oil filter, air filter, etc

High exhaust manifold temperature

(1)Add an exhaust hood to the roof of the compressor room to remove the heat. The temperature in the control room should not be too high. Pay special attention that the temperature in the compressor room should not exceed 40 in hot summer
(2)Cooling water temperature can be lowered by increasing the heat exchange area and increasing the running water. The water temperature should be kept at 18 in winter and 24 in summer
(3)Increase the flow of cooling water. After calculation, the difference between the input temperature and output temperature of the cooling water is 15°C, and the cooling water flow rate is 3.7 liters/sec.
(4)Clean the scale and sediment in the cooling water. Add detergent to the cooling water to dredge the cooling water system to avoid deterioration of thermal conductivity.

Oil temperature is too high

Generally, compressors are equipped with oil temperature protection settings. When the oil temperature exceeds 70°C, it will trip, causing the compressor to shut down frequently. The main reason for the high oil temperature is the failure of the oil cooler, which is generally caused by problems such as long and slender lubricating oil pipelines, which are easy to be clogged and scaled.

Frequent failure of air filter

Compressor air filters frequently fail. If product quality and installation problems can be ruled out, it is mostly caused by poor ambient air quality. Build a special compressor station. The shutters can filter out most of the dust particles, cotton wool and other sundries. Adding a mesh cover (pre-filter) above the compressor air filter can effectively extend the use time of the air filte.

Screw compressor trip and stop processing

The screw compressor has a trip failure during operation. First, check the power supply and motor parts, and then check the compressor temperature automatic protection and pressure automatic adjustment system, and the temperature control part. Compressor tripping is often caused by the failure of a certain valve in the pressure regulating system. The rubber seals, plastic diaphragms, springs and other parts of the valve are prone to failures, often with strong concealment, and easy to cause illusions.
The unloading valve opens in advance is a type of failure that is not easy to find, because the unloading valve is closed before starting, and the unloading valve is also slowly opened during the starting process, but the opening time is longer than the unit setting It’s early, maybe only a few seconds ahead of time, but it will increase the starting current of the compressor and cause the compressor to trip. The reason that the unloading valve opens in advance is that the spring elasticity of the piston rod and the guide rod used to control the valve action is reduced, so that when the control system does not send a loading signal to the unloading valve, the air intake baffle is on the vacuum load of the nose. It is sucked off under the action of pressure, that is, the compressor is loaded in advance, and the unit has not been fully started, so that the motor has been at a high current and cannot perform star-delta conversion, causing the air switch to trip.

Other problems

(1)The compressor has two reference data: the maximum working pressure and the general working pressure. When selecting the compressor, the general working pressure should be used as the reference data to select the compressor. If the compressor is selected at the maximum working pressure, it is easy to cause the compressor to run overloaded for a long time and burn the motor
(2)Water-cooled compressors have high requirements for water quality, and many companies’ compressor cooling water shares a set of cooling circulating water with other equipment. Many compressor failures are related to the scaling of the cooling system caused by poor water quality. Therefore, installing a set of water softening treatment device when necessary can greatly reduce compressor failures.