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Air Compressor Maintenance Guide

Time: 2016-05-26

Daily maintenance

1. check the air filter and coolant level;

2. check the pipe and all the pipe joints if there is any leakage;

3. check the record, any consumable parts reaching replacement cycle must be replaced;

4. check the record, if the air end exhaust temperature arrive or get close to 98°C, please stop the compressor and wash the oil cooler;

5. check the record, if find that the differential pressure reach above 0.6bar (the limit is 1bar) or the differential pressure begin to downward, please replace the oil-gas separator;


Monthly maintenance

1. check the surface of oil cooler surface, please clean it if necessary;

2. clean the air dryer;

3. clean the water separator;

4. check if all wire are connected and tightened;

5. check AC contactor;

6. clean the dust of suction surface and shell surface;

7. clean oil return filter.


Quarterly maintenance

1. motor fill lubrication oil;

2. clean the motor and fan motor;

3. replace the coolant;

4. replace the oil filter;

5. clean oil cooler.