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Air Compressor Parts Cleaning Method

Time: 2022-12-12

Air compressor will accumulate a lot of dust, oil and various particles after running for a long time, and there will also be oil scale, carbon, sediment and rust inside, so it is necessary to clean the internal parts of the air compressor regularly to achieve the purpose of eliminating safety hazards.

1. Cleaning of the whole machine

Elang air compressorFirst run the air compressor for a few minutes, and the oil reaches room temperature.
Turn off the air compressor, wait for the internal pressure to be relieved, open the refueling cover, pour in the air compressor cleaning agent and tighten the refueling cover.
Turn on the air compressor and run it for 30 minutes.
Draining the old oil and adding new oil.
The temperature of the air compressor will generally drop about 10 degrees after cleaning.

2. Cleaning of water-vapor separator

The structure of the water and air separator of the screw air compressor is similar to the oil and gas tank, and the air inlet is designed against the wall, so centrifugal force is formed, and the weight factor of water and gas, so it can effectively separate the water in the compressed air.
The cleaning method is to disassemble the water and gas separator cover and soak it with cleaning agent to clean it.

air compressor cooler

3. Cooler cleaning

3.1. Water-cooled cooler.
Disassemble the cooling water inlet and outlet pipes; inject the cleaning solution soak or flush with the pump cycle; flush with water; install the cooling water inlet and outlet pipes.

3.2. Air-cooled cooler.
Open the air guide cover to clean the cover, or remove the cooling fan.
Blow down the dirt with compressed air back blast, and then take out the dirt out of the air guide cover; if it is dirty, you should spray some degreasing agent and blow again.
If the screw air compressor cannot be cleaned by the above methods, the cooler needs to be removed and cleaned by soaking or spraying with a cleaning solution and with the help of a brush (wire brush is strictly prohibited).
Install the cover or cooling fan.

3.3. Oil cooler.
When the oil cooler scale is more serious, when the above methods are not ideal for cleaning, you can remove the oil cooler alone, open both end caps, and use special cleaning steel brushes or other tools to remove the scale.

4. Cleaning of temperature control valve of screw air compressor

Temperature Control ValveThere is a cover on the side of the temperature control valve of the screw compressor, and there are screw holes on the cover, so find a suitable nut to screw into the side cover.
And use a pliers to take out the spring that fixes the side cover, and then use the pliers to pull the nut just screwed in.
Then you can take off the side cover and all the internal parts.
Clean all parts of the temperature control valve in the same way as the load reducing valve.
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