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Air Compressor Working Principle and Installation Preparation

Time: 2017-11-15
Air Compressor Working Principle

The working principle:
The motor is driven by the belt to drive the crankshaft of the compressor pulley to rotate. The air enters the air filter and enters the cylinder through the intake valve. Over the yin and yang rotor in cylinder compressing air, causing the cylinder volume changes, the cylinder volume is reduced during the process, and the cylinder air compression to the rated exhaust pressure, exhaust valve exhaust through the exhaust pipe, one-way valve into gas tank .Compressor equipped with automatic pressure switch control motor, when the air tank pressure reaches the adjusted exhaust pressure, the air compressor automatically shut down, when in the 0.6MPa-0.8MPa, the air compressor will restart, so that the gas tank The pressure of compressed air in a certain range, to achieve the purpose of automatic control.

The installation and preparation:
1. Before using this machine be sure to check the air end, and check if the screws are loose parts.
2. Before using this machine, be sure to read this Instructions carefully.
3. Air compressor must be placed in a clean, dry and ventilated place, the side of the belt drive direction against the wall or other items, the minimum distance should be greater than 30cm, ambient temperature -20 ℃ -40 ℃ appropriate.