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Air tank and air dryer must be equipped with air compressors?

Time: 2017-05-05

Compressor is not well used after reaching the using place if not through the air buffer tank, regulator and without the inertia force of gasholder impact the tank wall, large particles of water can not be discharged, will cause contamination and corrosion to the gas equipment.

Drying machine: the freeze dryer and adsorption dryer, the most important role is to get rid of the moisture in the air, the air becomes drier and cleaner. Pipe filters, according to the filtering accuracy to distinguish: beginner, precision, high-precision, and several other levels, the main role is dust and degreasing. Dryers and filters is not a necessary device in the configuration of air compressor, but is a selection of devices, mainly based on the user's gas conditions to decide. Do not need to match for common pneumatic tools. But compressed air cleanliness requirements higher areas must be allocated, such as pneumatic precision instruments, CNC numerical control machine tools

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