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Application of Air Compressor in Mining Industry

Time: 2023-03-01

information about Elang diesel air compressorAs everyone knows,air compressor is general mechanical equipment ,many enterprises need to use air compressor in daily production.Quarrying industry,whether underground mining or strip mining,never stopping.Mining was carried out under poor condition usually,it is keep running all days.Mining was carried out in poor conditions,usually in remote areas a dozen kilometers from the nearest town.The key equipment used to drive these operations is the diesel air compressorlearn more. The compressed air is used throughout the mining process, from exploration to ore processing, smelting and refining.

1. Drill hole
On drilling equipment, compressed air powers a rotating drill bit, similar to a jack hammer.

2. Ejector
A pipe at the bottom of the tank draws compressed air into the tank, placing small holes throughout the tank to ensure even air distribution.

3. Smelting and Refining
Metals are extracted from ore by a process of melting and reheating. This usually occurs in processing plants or smelters near mining operations, and air compressors are used throughout the entire process end-to-end. However, refining is the process of increasing the purity of metals extracted from ores and other raw materials.During the refining process, compressed air helps oxidize any other alloys so that the material is not wasted.

4. Explosion
Crushing rock and other materials, strictly controlling the use of explosives is one way to solve this problem, and compressed air helps in this process by providing a high speed air charge to detonate the explosives.

5. Tools and instruments
Pneumatic tools used in mining require clean, dry air (supplied by air compressors) to work.This make sure proper operation of drills, pneumatic loaders, saws, wrenches and other critical equipment,the same applies to mining instruments.

6. Ventilating system
How can miners breathe safely deep underground during mining operation?Compressed air not only provides ventilation for deep mining operations but also ensures safe and clean air in places such as shelters in case of emergency.

application of diesel air compressor

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