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Basic Knowledge

  • How to ensure that the compressed air system goes through the summer safely


    With the arrival of summer and the rise in temperature and humidity, your compressed air system will bear more water load on the air handling equipment. Under the highest compressor operating conditions in summer (122 degrees Fahrenheit), the water in the air is 650% higher than the highest temperature usually seen in winter (60 degrees Fahrenheit). The

  • Operation specification for switch on and off of screw air compressor


    Operation specification for switch on and off of screw air compressor

  • Major Wearing Parts of Screw Air Compressor


    Major wearing parts of screw air compressor: air filter, oil filter, oil separation core, lubricating oil, belt, solenoid valve

  • Maintenance of Air Filters


    he air filter is the first line of defense of the air compressor system.

  • The principle of the motor


    The motor, generally refers to the electric motor, also called the motor, is a very common thing in modern industry and life, and it is also the most important equipment for turning electrical energy into mechanical energy. Motors are installed in automobiles, high-speed trains, airplanes, fans, robots, automatic doors, water pumps, hard drives, and even o

  • Daily Maintenance of Air Dryer


    When the air pressure drop at the inlet and outlet of the precision filter reaches 0.05 MPa or reaches its service life, the inner filter element of the air filter needs to be replaced; the normal service life of the filter element: 6000-8000 hours; (the first installation and commissioning use three months to replace the tube Road filter

  • Air compressor filtering failure


    ”Devils” often hidden in the details

  • How can we extend the service life of air tank?


    In the compressed air system, air is sucked into the air compressor through the air filter, compressed by the air compressor to reach the rated pressure, and delivered to the air tank through the exhaust pipe, which is located between the air compressor and the air equipment and plays a role in alleviating pressure fluctuations in the compressed air system.

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