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Basic Knowledge

  • Common Faults of Screw Air Compressor


    Two common faults of screw air compressors: 1. Frequent loading and unloading. 2. Insufficient air supply pressure.

  • Selection of Air Compressor in Petroleum & Chemical Industry


    The petroleum industry is a major user of energy production and energy consumption. Air compressors are widely used in the petroleum & chemical industry to reduce energy consumption costs and improve production efficiency.

  • Application of Air Compressor in Mining Industry


    Quarrying industry,whether underground mining or strip mining,never stopping.Mining was carried out under poor condition usually,it is keep running all days.Mining was carried out in poor conditions.
    The key equipment used to drive these operations is the diesel air compressor.

  • Precautions for Turning on The Screw Air Compressor


    In order to ensure the normal use of the screw air compressor after a long period of downtime, the following matters need to be note

  • Maintenance and Repair of Compressor Fan


    Correct maintenance, maintenance, is the safe and reliable operation of the fan, to improve the fan life of an important guarantee. Therefore, when using the fan, it is necessary to pay full attention to.

  • How to Configure an Air Compressor Station for The Steel Industry


    General steel company air pressure station configuration: The types of air compressors in steel companies generally include centrifugal, screw type, and currently piston type air compressors have been largely eliminated.

  • Air Compressor Parts Cleaning Method


    It is necessary to clean the internal parts of the air compressor regularly to achieve the purpose of eliminating safety hazards.

  • What’s the Lubricating Oil Functions In Screw Air Compressor


    Oil injected screw air compressor is widely used because of its low vibration, low noise, good efficiency, simple maintenance and high intelligence.
    The reason why the oil injection screw compressor has become the mainstream of the air compressor is also due to the many benefits of oil injection.

  • Skills in Stable Operation of Screw Air Compressor Station


    The environment of the screw air compressor station and air compressor room is very important for the stable operation of the screw air compressor station.
    Good operating environment of screw air compressor station can reduce most equipment failures.

  • Oil-free Compressors Recommendation


    Oil-free compressors are air compressors developed specifically for production processes and applications with demanding air quality requirements. To date, oil-free compressor technology has covered the three main types of screw, piston and scroll.

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