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Brief introduction of air compressor post-processing equipment

Time: 2020-08-27

Air compressor post-treatment equipment generally includes: air storage tank particle filter coalesce filter activated carbon filter freeze dryer adsorption dryer, and its supporting different drainage device, etc. The following is a brief introduction to the basic situation of different equipment

Air Tank

It is mainly used to buffer the compressed air of the system and balance the peak gas demand of the system. Other functions include cooling the compressed air and removing part of condensed water. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable air tank which has been treated with anti-corrosion coating

Drainage and Oil/gas separator

At present, many domestic assembly screw air compressor after cooler no gas water separator and drainage device assembly, the compressed air in air compressor after cooler after cooling the condensed water, without drainer, all into the downstream gasholder, the post-processing equipment, including Air tank, caused some damage, and the drainage device in the present gas tank accessories and does not contain, user ignore don't add the loss is bigger.

Air Filter

The main removal of compressed air particles impurities

Oil Filter

It mainly removes oil droplets from compressed air

Active Carbon Filter

Mainly remove the oil mist and odor in the compressed air, filtering precision is very high


Refrigeration Air Dryer

It is mainly to remove the water vapor in the air compressed , in the case of water content requirements are not very high,2-10, there are two cooling ways of air cooling and water cooling
At present, standard refrigeration dryers basically cannot meet the requirements of actual working conditions, and there is a lot of energy waste. The reason is that most of the air compressors described above adopt the loading/unloading control method. At this time, the refrigeration dryer is fixed.In addition, many person of refrigerant using R22 everything instead of green environmental protection, R22 to the destruction of the ozone layer will produce great effect on the person who do now more stable and energy saving is Donaldson (Donaldson) suction pressure control system and frequency conversion control system refers to person, Donaldson company well deal with the contradiction, and chain control unit and air compressor traditional frozen type dryer is dew point pressure fluctuations, and can be used according to the load and environmental change and change a new type of person who can always accurate assurance dew point pressure is 3 Stable value, which is very beneficial to users

Adsorption Dryer

Its also used to exclude water vapor in the air compressed , the water content requirements are very high occasions,-20 ~-70, generally divided into no heat regenerative adsorption dryer and heat regenerative adsorption dryer is an important link in the post-treatment equipment, the selection of each has different characteristics.
Adsorption dryer with and without thermal regeneration and a heat regenerative adsorption dryer on the market at present basically has: no heat regenerative adsorption dryer micro heat regenerative adsorption dryer compressed heat regenerative adsorption dryer outside heat regenerative adsorption dryer drum wind type external heat regenerative adsorption dryer outside heating water cooling blower type regenerative adsorption dryer, etc

2. The air compressor room should maintain a certain ambient temperature, should not be higher than 38, should not be lower than 0 note that the air pressure room temperature as far as possible to control in a lower state, air compressor absorption of higher temperature air will reduce the exhaust volume.
3.Room where the place should be kept dry and ventilated condition is good, the air is fresh, and try to avoid more dust oil wet environment, to reduce the damage to compressor, extending its service life, cannot make the air compressor suction has more molecules and contain explosive or corrosive air paint chemical instability or steam and other gases, so as not to endanger the air compressor unit staff or due to the use of rapid damage such as factory environment is poorer, dust, must be mounted to the front in front of the air compressor suction mouth filtering equipment.
4.The pressure pipe in the air pressure room is strictly forbidden to bump against, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble under the condition of live belt pressure.
5.Even in a reasonable use environment, the compressed air will still contain a large amount of water and a small amount of oil, which will reduce the production efficiency and product quality of the factory. Moreover, the untreated air cannot be directly used for breathing or food contact, so the corresponding air post-treatment equipment must be installed.