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Centrifugal Air Compressor

Technical Parameters of Centrifugal Compressor
Working pressure: 1.2 - 30 Bar
Air delivery: 55 ~ 2000 m3/min
Working power: 250 ~ 11000 kw

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Centrifugal compressor has excellent structural design to provide continuous, stable, oil-free and high quality compressed air within minimum maintenance workload.Its high efficiency can fully meet the need of various processes and air systems in factories.




Energy efficiencyPneumatic System Optimization, efficient transmission
Oil FreeOil-free design, oil free certification
Highly ReliableIntegral casting, precision machining
Low Maintenance CostWhole manufacturing chain for core components
Intelligent controlhigh-end configuration, unattended
Global ServicesGlobal network, professional teams


High Efficiency Aerodynamic Design

Elang has integrated the world’s top turbomachinery design team and established a product R&D center abroad. Each expert has rich experience of more than 20 years in turbomachinery industry. Meanwhile, Elang has also integrated the design, development and assembly team covering each category in China, such that the technical construction of the company has been realized in various fields including aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, gear transmission theory, structural strength theory, external shape and structure design, parts manufacturing and testing, unit assembly and testing, etc. This has laid a solid foundation for our vision to build Elang into a turbomachinery manufacturer of the whole industrial chain in China and the world.


Aerodynamic Design At All Levels

The aerodynamic design covers one-dimensional thermodynamic calculation, 2D air passage design, 3D profile design and simulation calculation in combination with Fortran self-programming, independently developed modeling software and CFD analysis. The reliable and accurate aerodynamic design of compressor is ensured.
Elang team has strong design capability, abundant impeller databank and design software to ensure the superiority of aerodynamic design.


State-of-the art Technology Design

After analysis and simulation conducted by the professional analysis agency,the stress analysis and deformation calculation are realized for the impeller rotating at the rated speed. The stress analysis result provides a strong rationale to check the strength of impeller, so as to prevent the accident caused by the cracking of impeller during the actual operation of the unit. The calculated deformation provides a reference for determining the clearance between impeller and inlet, so as to avoid mutual scratch of rotor and stat or during the operation of the unit.


Rotor Dynamics Design

Professional software is used for rotor dynamics analysis and bearing design. Power consumption is minimized in bearing operation with reasonable oil film temperature, pressure and thickness. Rotor dynamics analysis based on stiffness and damping of the bearing helps achieve reasonable vibration value and sufficient stability of the rotor and avoid operation near critical rotation speed.
Bearing service life is prolonged as much as possible from design with professional slide bearing design software and Babbitt alloy on the surface. With rotor supported by tilting pad bearings and bearing bushes self-aligned to load changes, the mechanical friction loss is minimized and the best working condition is achieved for the unit at different loads.


High Performance IGV

Flow regulating and constant pressure control is achieved through accurate control of lGV to maintain the high-efficient operation of centrifugal compressor.


Capability of Machining / Manufacturing / Inspection


Quality Control

We fulfill the production and manufacturing concept of "design & development - test & validation - operation optimization - marketing - continuous innovation", and realize comprehensive testing and inspection for the key design results of aerodynamics performance,structural strength and unit heat exchange to guarantee unit efficiency, stability and reliability of centrifugal compressor.


Product Application Performance


Elang products are designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with Iso 9001 and lSO 14001 so as to ensure high reliability and high efficient operation.
The clients of Elang centrifugal compressors cover various industries,

application of centrifugal air compressor

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