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Cleaning method of lubricating oil circuit of screw air compressor

Time: 2018-09-29

The air compressor system of the air compressor is just like the human vascular system. We must ensure that it is unobstructed. If the air compressor of the air compressor fails, the air compressor will not work. Therefore, we need to give the air compressor regularly. Wash it to ensure that our air compressor is working properly.

1.the cause of the failure analysis

The oil-injected screw air compressors are closed with a cooling oil and are operated at a relatively high temperature for a long time (generally at 75--88 °C), so different degrees of oil deposits, scales, acidification and other deterioration may occur. phenomenon. Due to carbon deposition and other reasons, it may cause damage to oil circuit components (such as solenoid valves, temperature control valves, etc.), oil circuit blockage, and poor heat transfer.

2. the oil system maintenance content

(1) Dismantle the oil cut solenoid valve and diaphragm.

(2) Dismantle and clean the temperature control valve and components.

(3) Dismantling and cleaning oil passages, fittings, joints, etc.

(4) Heat exchanger disassembly inspection, immersion cleaning.

For water-cooled models, use a scale cleaner to soak the water system.

3.the maintenance effect

Operating temperatures can be significantly reduced and ensure proper operation in higher environments.

4. cleaning agents and use

Oil line cleaning: use special carbon cleaning agent, add 1 gallon of carbon cleaning agent concentrate to every 10 gallons of compressor oil in each machine, first ensure that enough compressor oil is discharged to add the carbon cleaning agent to Inside the storage box. The compressor is then continuously operated for 40 to 60 hours. In order to prevent the redeposition of suspended pollutants, when the oil is still hot, it is necessary to completely drain the lubricating oil in the compressor to achieve better results.

Waterway cleaning: use special scale cleaning agent, which needs to be heated and soaked.