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Cleaning of Air Compressor

Time: 2022-10-14

During the long-term continuous operation of the air compressor, impurities, moisture and other components in the air are easy to enter the air compressor oil, which is the external pollution source of the sediment.
Carbon deposition is mainly caused by:
1. High temperature: high temperature is the decisive factor causing the oxidative deterioration of lubricating oil. The higher the temperature is, the faster the oxidation speed is, and the greater the possibility of carbon deposition is;
2. Pressure: after the air is compressed by the air compressor, the pressure increases, and the oxygen concentration increases, which increases the oxidation rate of oil products and the possibility of carbon deposition;
3. Metal catalysis: metal plays a positive role in the oxidation reaction and will accelerate the reaction;
4. Type of air compressor oil: the quality and dosage of air compressor oil will affect the formation of carbon deposits to varying degrees. If mineral air compressor oil is used, the unsaturated components in the base oil are more likely to form carbon deposition tendency.

If the soft sediment is not removed in time, it is very easy to further polymerize into hard carbon deposit and coke under the high-temperature and high-pressure operating environment. These harmful substances may cause the air compressor's operating temperature to rise, energy consumption to rise, gas production efficiency to decrease, oil circuit blockage, machine wear and other failures, affecting the air compressor's operating efficiency and increasing maintenance costs; In serious cases, it may cause serious production safety accidents such as the locking of the machine air end, the shutdown of the compressor, and the explosion of the equipment.
At this stage, the screw compressor cleaning market mainly includes online cleaning and disassembly cleaning.
It plays a great role in avoiding air compressor problem.