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Common faults of air cooling compressor

Time: 2016-12-01

Common faults of air cooling compressor

There are three common faults in the main parts of the air - cooling compressor:

* gas path system failure

* oil system failure

* transmission system failure

1 gas path system fault:

The gas path system consists of air filter, air valve, cylinder, piston, piston ring, intercooler, adjusting control tube, cutting, pressing fork, a push rod, a gland, a top rod spring and other parts

2 oil system fault:

The oil circuit system is composed of a crankcase, an oil bottom shell, a coarse filter box, an oil suction pipe, an oil pump, a fine filter, an oil pump bearing seat and a crankshaft connecting rod component.

3 transmission system failure:

The main drive mechanism is composed of half coupling, pin, elastic sleeve, flywheel, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, piston pin, piston ring, air valve. The transmission mechanism is composed of a driving gear, an oil pump gear, a driving belt pulley, a fan wheel, a fan belt and a fan. Failure of the transmission mechanism is generally abnormal noise or automatic shutdown.