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Common Faults of Screw Air Compressor Ⅱ

Time: 2023-03-31

3. Discharge Pressure is Too Low

When the exhaust pressure is too low (P1 LOW), P1 is less than 5PSI (1psi = 0.06894757MPa), the unit shows low exhaust pressure fault shutdown, at this time, the electrical control system needs to be investigated, whether the star angle conversion is successful.
When the machine P1>5PSI normal operation, if P1 <5PSI, the machine exhaust too low immediately shut down.
When the unit is unloaded, if P1 <10PSI and lasts for 2 seconds, the computer board will display the exhaust pressure is too low fault stop.
When the machine is loaded, if 5PSI<P1<20PSI and lasts for more than 20 seconds, it will also display low exhaust pressure fault stop.


4. Overload of Air End

It can be divided into electrical failure and mechanical failure.
Electrical aspect: for the air compressor whose supply voltage is 380V, FR1 thermal relay should be checked; for the machine whose voltage is 6KV or 10KV, the air compressor computer board will receive the high voltage switch fault signal (S11), but the specific reason should check the fault record of the comprehensive relay of the high voltage cabinet, such as zero sequence, speed break, over current, etc.
Mechanical aspect: If the screw air compressor is out of operation for a long time, the internal corrosion of the air end will occur. Before starting the machine for the first time, apply a triangle belt or chain clamp to crank for more than one week and turn it flexibly. After starting the machine, pay attention to listen to the internal sound of the machine is abnormal, if there is an abnormal sound, it should be sent to a professional repair shop for maintenance before continuing to use; on the other hand, the machine is out of service for a long time, the internal lubricant produces coking, carbon accumulation phenomenon, stuck between the male and female rotor, making it difficult to coil the machine. If before the start, no check coiling situation, rashly start, will also cause too much starting current, the mainframe overload phenomenon, serious, will also cause larger operating accidents.


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