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Common Faults of Screw Air Compressor

Time: 2023-02-22

1. Frequent Loading and Unloading

P1 and P2 refer to the pressure in the compressor system and the pressure in the user's pipeline respectively. In actual operation, P1 and P2 will have frequent loading and unloading. In just a few seconds, P1 and P2 values rise from 6.0 bar to more than 7.0 bar, and then dropped rapidly.
In this case, the fault of the pressure regulator should be eliminated first. The function of the pressure regulator is to change the flow of compressed air, which is one of the important components of the air control system of the air compressor. The main function of the pressure regulator is to adjust the opening of the valve plate of the air compressor inlet valve, change the air intake volume of the air compressor to achieve the function of regulating the compressed air pressure. The other function is to adjust the opening of the screw valve, bypass part of the compressed air to the inlet end of the compressor air end, and achieve the goal of regulating the pressure. If the pressure regulator fails, the most obvious fault phenomenon of the machine is that the pressure regulator loses control and frequently loads and unloads.
The elimination method is to adjust the bolt at the bottom of the valve body, loosen the bolt counterclockwise to keep the bolt in a free state, and then use a pipe wrench or an 18 "wrench to clamp the external hexagonal housing of the regulator, slowly remove it, clean the copper sheet, spring, flow limiting hole, etc. inside the regulator or replace it with a new repair kit. After installation, adjust the bolt at the bottom to restore the machine to a normal state.


2. Insufficient Air Supply Pressure

First, check the integrity of the air filter element. In low temperature, the air filter element is easily blocked by windy sand and willow catkins in spring. When the surface of the filter element is blocked by these impurities, the machine will have insufficient air supply, and the control computer board will send an IP min alarm signal. At this time, compressed air of about 2 bar can be used to purge from inside to outside, so that the dust on the surface of the filter element can be blown away. Generally, the air filter element needs to be replaced every 1000 hours of operation, and some users often purge the air filter element for several times to save maintenance costs.
According to experience, it can be purged once rather than repeatedly. If any damage is found on the surface of the filter element, replace it immediately; Secondly, check whether the inlet valve is closed in advance, check whether the loading and unloading solenoid valve and pressure regulator work normally, and replace the repair kit if necessary; Again, check the pressure sensor P2 to see if there is a virtual connection. Pay attention to observe whether the temperature value of the control panel is jumping. Finally, check whether there is any air leakage or sudden increase in air consumption at the gas end.


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