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Compressor maintenance preparation

Time: 2016-12-08

Good maintenance is the key to ensure the normal operation of the unit, and to extend the service life of the compressor, so it is necessary to carefully carry out the maintenance of screw compressor unit. Please prepare for the following items before embarking on maintenance:

1 cut off the power and hang the flag on the power switch;

2 close the valve to the air supply system to prevent backflow of compressed air back to the part being repaired. Don't rely on a one-way valve to isolate the gas supply system;

3 open the manual vent valve, release the pressure within the system, keep the vent valve open;

4 for a water cooled machine, the water supply system must be closed to release the pressure of the water pipe;

5 ensure that the compressor unit is cooled to prevent burns;

6 wipe the oil or water on the ground to prevent slip off.


1 do not think that if the machine is shut down, you can carry out maintenance work, the automatic control system of the machine will start the compressor at any time;

2 bad maintenance not only affects the normal operation of the unit, but also may affect the safety of the operator;

3 when the compressor is running or with pressure, do not remove the nut, filling plug and other parts;

4 do not use natural solvents such as gasoline or kerosene to clean the air filter or other parts.