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Contradiction analysis of energy saving and reliability of screw air compressor:

Time: 2017-01-05

1.The higher the speed of screw air end, the more energy saving of the compressor, but the reliability decreases with the increasing of the speed.

2.The smaller the gap between the rotor, the more energy saving of the compressor, but too small gap will make impurities impact the rotor and bearings easy to be jammed.

3.Screw compressor exhaust temperature is lower, the compressor will be more energy saving, but the low temperature will cause rust and wear parts, plug the throttle orifice and valve.

4.The orifice is smaller and the more energy saving, but narrow orifice is more likely to cause blockage of the oil and consumption increases, increasing the amount of exhaust oil.

5.Two stage compression is energy saving, but the number of key parts increase, it will decrease the reliability of the key parts.

6.Frequency conversion compressor is not energy saving, but reduces the reliability of the screw compressor.

7.The energy saving effect is very short.

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