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Coupling Classification and Characteristics

Time: 2018-08-30

1.ELANG Elastic coupling:

Features: buffered vibration absorption can compensate for large axial displacement and minor radial displacement and angular displacement.

Application: positive and negative change, frequent start of high-speed shaft.

2. Flange coupling:

Features: simple construction, low cost, can transfer large torque.No relative displacement, no buffer allowed.

Application: low rotating speed, no impact, high rigidity of shaft, wide application for better neutral.

3. Slide coupling:

The groove on the half coupling 1.3 and the tenon of the middle sliding block.

Features: no buffer, the moving unit should be lubricated. Used for low speed transmission.

4. Safety coupling:

The structural feature is that there is an insurance link which can only bear limited loads.When the actual load exceeds the predetermined load, the insurance link changes, cutting off the movement and transmission of power, so as to protect the rest of the machine from damage, that is, to play a role of safety protection.

5. Start safety coupling:

In addition to the overload protection, the machine motor with load start to approximately no-load start function.

6. Rigid coupling:

The rigid coupling does not have the ability to compensate the relative deviation of the axis of the two shafts, nor does it have the cushioning performance.But the structure is simple and the price is cheap.The rigid coupling can be selected only when the load is stable, the rotating speed is stable, and the axis of the two shafts is slightly offset.