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Dry Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

Working pressure: 5 - 10 Bar72 - 145 Psig
Air delivery: 7.8 - 72 m3/min275 - 2542 cfm
Working power: 55 - 355 kw75 - 470 Hp

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compressor system diagram
Dry Oil-free Compressor System Diagram



Unique design optimizes efficiency
To buy an air compressor is actually to buy the compressed air it can produce. Our design minimizes the pressure drop, optimizes the cooling effect, and reduces unnecessary pressure loss and heat consumption to a minimum. This series of unique designs enable you to obtain greater air production when using SWT series oil-free screw air compressor. This not only means energy saving, but also the air compressor operates in the most reliable way.


Low vibration and noise
The compressor is dynamically balanced before installation, with small vibration and stable operation.
The specially designed sound insulation and silencing device can greatly reduce the noise from the sound source, giving you a quiet operating environment.


Easy maintenance
The design of the unit shell and the arrangement of the internal components are in good order. The maintenance point can be reached only by opening the door panel, which makes the maintenance work easy and ensures the continuity of production.


Patented VDT dew point temperature control system
By detecting the temperature and humidity of the compressed air, the suction temperature of the high-pressure section is always controlled within an ideal range, so as to prevent the condensed water in the compressed air after primary compression from entering the high-pressure section, improve the compression efficiency and protect the air end in the high-pressure section from water vapor impact and erosion, greatly extending the service life of the air end.


Unique intake and exhaust system
The air filter, motor and compressor chamber are equipped with independent air inlet channels, which suck in cooler air from the lower position and discharge hot air from the top. On the one hand, it can ensure that the air can enter the sound insulation device of the unit from the most reasonable position, and the excellent heat dissipation effect can greatly reduce the heat consumption; on the other hand, it can prevent the noise from coming out of the air inlet channel.




Rotor design and surface treatment
compressor screw air end structureNo rust, no spalling, long life of rotor and inner cavity wall
Molybdenum - graphite and penetrates well into the rotor material
No friction between rotors
Smooth and hard rotor surface with excellent friction resistance
Low operating temperature: extended rotor life
Rotor efficiency: Constant pressure demand, gas volume stability: reduce your operating costs

enlaged rotor surface
Enlarged rotor surface

Guarantee of strong adhesion: molybdenum-graphite alloy is plasma adhered to the rotor surface(coating density of 40-60 μm)



SealingAir Compressor Sealing

The shaft seal has a long life and provides you with completely oil-free and contamination-free compressed air.


Air filter
Independent inlet bellows and air inlet channels are designed to minimize the inlet pressure. The external air inlet ensures that the air inlet temperature is much lower than the internal environment temperature of the unit and improves the compression efficiency.


German original intake valve
The streamlined valve plate makes the intake air flow smooth, the pressure drop almost disappears, and the intake noise is greatly reduced. The mechanical linkage device ensures that the opening and closing of the intake valve and the opening and closing of the discharge valve are opposite to each other and absolutely synchronized, so that the unit is empty and the most reasonable negative pressure value is maintained during the conversion process of the empty and heavy vehicle.


Parallel oil filter
More effective filtration of impurities and deterioration in the lubricating oil, so as to maximize the synchronous gear life, but also ensure the reliable operation of the main engine.


Large capacity low pressure drop cooler
The increased cooling area not only provides extremely high heat transfer efficiency, the design reserves enough surplus, the low pressure drop makes the compression efficiency higher.
The cooler core adopts fin structure, the gas goes to the shell side, the water goes to the pipe side, easy to clean.
The shell is made of stainless steel, which can effectively ensure that there will be no rust.
Drawer design for easy maintenance and installation.


Energy-saving control
Frequency conversion air compressor provides linear frequency conversion without section capacity adjustment control, according to the customer's compressed air load change, automatic control horsepower consumption, only the necessary consumption, energy saving control, can greatly reduce the operation cost up to 35%.


Variable frequency starting
Variable frequency soft starting, smooth linear operation, no traditional direct drive or star triangle start huge peak current, greatly extend the service life of electromagnetic contactor, motor and compressor body, while avoiding the danger of being fined by the power company.

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