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Elang 185kw Two Stage Air Compressor Delivery

Time: 2022-01-28

Recently we finish another set of 185kw two stage air compressor testing ,which is for socks factory.
Elang two air end air compressor offer bigger air flow, with the same power consumption.
Isothermal compression to ensure the bigger air flow.

Below are some points of the benefits of Elang energy saving two stage air compressor

  1. 1. reduce operating costs
  2. 2. reduced environmental impact low noise levels
  3. 3. Reliable operation in hot and dusty environments IP54 Motor,large oversized cooler blocks
  4. 4. advanced design and high-quality materials

If your customers is similar or like as below situation ,we strongly suggest you to have a try of Elang low pressure two stage air compressor to save more.
Characteristics of enterprise users:

  1. 1. Consumption of air is large.
  2. 2. The ratio of the power consumption of air compressor to the whole plant is larger.
  3. 3. The product has a low profit margin and needs constant and steady orders.
  4. 4. Industry competition is intense.

Elang provides the more professional air solutions for Injection Molding machines. Choosing Elang air compressor is to choose the energy-saving and money-saving partner!