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ELANG Oil Free Air Compressor Working in Spinning Factory in Mexico

Time: 2016-07-29

Recently our Elang engineer Mr Huang has gone to Mexico to install and debug the oil free water lubrication compressor for customer, a spinning factory.

Oringinal Mitsui Seiki air end is used for the oil free compressor.

Compared with oil free dry air compressor , there are many advantages for oil free water lubrication compressor:

Oil free dry compressor                                                Oil free water lubrication compressor

●Radial load and distance between the two            ●Radial and axial loads cancel each

 Screw axles place significant limitations                  other, resulting a theoretically zero

 on bearing load                                                                load.

●Screw must operate at high speeds in                    ●Water seal enables highly efficient

 order to prevent compressed                                      operation at low speeds

Air from leaking

●Hot air discharge (about 300oC)                                ●Cool air discharge (about 40oC)

Oil free compressor are mainly used in IT, Chemical industry ,Food ,  Medical  and Textile industry, it can provide 100% clean air for customer.