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ELANG Water injected Single Screw Oil-free Airend

Time: 2018-06-05

Elang water injected Single Screw Oil-free Airend was research and development by ELANG R&D department. At first, our company had cooperated with Japanese Mitsui Seiki doing water injected Single Screw Oil-free Airend, after long time learning step by step, we made our own Oil-free Airend with following advantage and widely welcomed in the market:

                                         Oil-free Airend                           Oil-free Airend            

1. Reasonable structure:

Single screw oil-free air end , equipped with a main rotor, 6 grooves and a pair of 11-tooth star wheel mesh.

All parts are adopted by international standard Grade 304, 316 stainless steel (sanitary grade), the star wheel uses the polymer wear-resisting material.

2. Mechanical superiority:

One screw drive two star wheels when running ,load evenly consistent, no radial and axial force, only rotational force, with the most ideal force balance.

3. Low rotating speed:

When the compression element rotates one cycle, the gas is compressed 12 times. And the conventional screw only generates 5~6 times, with low vibration, low noise and higher efficiency.

4. High security:

Metal and non-metal mesh during the operation of the compression element, with small pulse, small vibration and low noise.

5.  Unique bearing design (patented) :

The dynamic pressure bearing is made of SIC material, which has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and good

lubrication performance.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection:

Adopting water as a lubricant, it is a new type of environment-friendly oil free air end.

7. Air end service life: 

Simple and compact structure, small shape and size, low speed (3000rpm), low vibration and noise; low exhaust temperature

(≤50 ℃), small range of temperature difference of parts, longer service life and lower failure rate.