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Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Open Up the New Opportunity in the Air Compressor Industry

Time: 2017-10-30

Machinery industry is still the foremost market of the air compressor, that’s 40% of total sales, demand quantity of chemical and electrical industry and so on is swift growth too. In the power field, the sales volume of piston compressor greater than other products. But the demand enhancement with the people for usage environment, energy consumption and environmental, there is a lager market space in the screw and scroll energy-saving air compressor the future.
At the third plenary session of the 18th central committee, the energy saving and environmental protection topic have been absorbed to make the updated China’s economic in this meeting. Forward-looking industry research institute <2014-2018 years the forecast of production and marketing demand and transformation and upgrading of air compressor analysis report>, in this report suggest that, the national policies on energy conservation and emission reduction, the energy-saving product of the air compressor industry will become the downturn winner in the future. The company should strengthen the efforts to research and develop to keep producing the superior products to enhance the core competence.
Under the trend of low-carbon environment, the develop rapidly of domestic mining, metallurgy, electricity, machine manufacturing, medicament, food, textile light industry and petrochemical industry and so on, it would be speed up to clean the backward technology and high-energy equipment out. Push the compressor from low additional value to high to update, and bring about the further development opportunities for screw compressor industry.

New Opportunity in the Air Compressor Industry