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Five hazards to compressors if not proceed the maintenance

Time: 2017-03-16

1. No clean to the oil return pipe: if the oil return pipe is blocked, a small amount of oil after seperation will get into the air pipe and discharged together with compressed air, oil consumption will be enlarged.

2. No lubricating grease adding to the main motor: motor bearing abrasion until the motor burnt out.

3. No blowing to the air filter element regular: air filter block, air delivery will be less. More dusts gets into the compressor system, which will cause oil filter and oil separator be blocked, lubricating oil quality become worse and air end abrasion.

4. No regular replacement of lubricating oil: oil separator element will be blocked and air discharge temperature will be rising.

5. No regular replacement of oil separator: pressure differential and motor current will be enlarged. When the pressure differential is too big, air end discharge temperature will be rising until the compressor auto stop.


Reference to our sincere ELANG CUSTOMER:

1. Run 500 hours need the first maintenance (for new machine).

1) Replace oil filter and screw oil

2) Clean air filter

3) Clean machine unit


2. Run 2000 hours need a simple maintenance.

1) Replace oil filter, air filter and screw oil.

2) Check valve movements and activities in part

3) Check the retaining bolt and 

4) Check each line

5) Clean machine unit


3. Run 4000hours need a complete maintenance.

1) Replace oil thin separator, screw oil, air filter and oil filter

2) Clean the cooler, check and clean the admission valve, replace O type ring.

3) Check the differential pressure switch to protect the normal movement

4) Check Intake solenoid valves

5) Check discharge solenoid valves

6) Check pressure valves

7) Check the starter and action

8) Replace worn parts and clean unit.


After running per 2000 hours need maintenance, each for 4000 hours as a cycle.

During the 4000 hours: the front 2000hours need a simple maintenance and the last 2000hours need the completely (the maintenance content as above), in order to make sure the safety. In order to ensure the safety and reliable operation, please be sure to use this machine in according to the program execution of normal using.


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