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Basic Knowledge

General-purpose of compressor

Time: 2017-04-13

General-purpose of compressor are as follows:


a. conventional aerodynamics: pneumatic tools, drills, picks, pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic blasting;

b. instrumentation control and automation equipment, such as machining center tool replacement;

c. vehicle brake, doors and windows open and close;

d. using compressed air for blowing air jet loom weft to replace the shuttle, you need to use oil-free air compressor;

e. food, pharmaceutical industry, the use of compressed air stirred slurry;

f. large marine diesel engines ;

g. wind tunnel experiments, underpasses ventilation, metals melting;

h. fracturing;

i. high-pressure air blasting mining;

j. weapons systems, missile launchers, torpedo launchers;

k. submarine ups and downs, salvage, offshore oil exploration, hovercraft;

l. tire inflation;

m. painting;

n. blowing machine;