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Heat Recovery Compressor Application

Time: 2017-05-08

2 units 37kw ELANG heat recovery compressors with CE oil-gas tank has been installed in Europe recently, the compressors with ELANG programed PLC and touch screen, it can reclyce the heat from compression process to heat the water for other use, to help our customers saving energy. 

Heat Recovery Compressor

The principle of heat recovery screw air compressor is to transfer the heat which produced during the running of compressor to the water through heat recovery exchanger. The circulating water pump makes the circulating water repeatedly circulating during the circulating water tank and heat recovery exchanger, to make the water temperature inside the circulating water tank gets hotter and hotter. When the transfer temperature of temperature sensor is higher than 60℃ , PLC turns on the feed water pump to make the hot water inside the circulating water pump into the temperature preservation water tank. PLC turns off the feed water pump when the circulating water tank comes to low water level. Water inlet solenoid valve turns on at the same time to let cold water come in, and turns off when the circulating water tank comes to high water level. Then circulating water tank and circulating water pump start working again, the whole water system repeats. PLC controls the whole system to work automatically, hand operation is not required.

Those wants has special requirements for this kind of compressors and functions, ELANG is a good choice!