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Heat Recovery in a Screw Air Compressor

Time: 2023-07-20

At present, heat recovery air compressor is widely used in mining, textile, medicine, electronic components manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, printing money, etc. There is no restriction on the application industry and the market is very broad.

According to the principle of oil-injected screw air compressor and air compressor operation pattern, air compressor lubricating oil has three major roles and functions in oil-injected screw air compressor: lubrication, cooling and sealing. These three functions are the core guarantee of the normal operation of the air compressor.

In order to ensure that the three functions of the air compressor lubricant normal play, air compressor operation working temperature has a reasonable range , the best temperature range: 60 ℃ ~ 85 ℃. If the air compressor work more than 85 ℃, the air compressor oil has aging, coking tendency, lubrication effect is reduced, sealing effect becomes worse, thus leading to air compressor failure, affect the normal operation of the air compressor; and when the air compressor working temperature is lower than 60 ℃, the moisture in the compressed air has the tendency to condense in the lubrication, the water in the lubricating oil makes the oil emulsification deterioration, lubrication effect becomes worse, affect the normal operation of the air compressor. Therefore, within the reasonable range of the working temperature of air compressor, the working temperature is relatively fixed, which is conducive to the fixed operation of air compressor and prolonging the service life of air compressor.

In addition, most air compressor manufacturers set the fan running temperature at 85℃ and the fan running temperature at 75℃ to stop. The air production capacity of screw compressor will be reduced as the operating temperature of the unit increases. In actual use, the mechanical efficiency of the compressor will not be stable at the 80℃ calibrated air production capacity. For every 1℃ rise in temperature, the air production capacity decreases by 0.5%; for a 10℃ rise in temperature, the air production capacity decreases by 5%. Generally air-cooled heat dissipation air compressors are operating between 88-96℃, and their drop is 4-8%, more so in summer.

Therefore, after the heat utilization transformation, if the exhaust temperature and oil temperature of the air compressor set are controlled within the optimal temperature range, and the running time of the cooling fan of the screw air compressor is reduced, the power can be saved, and at the same time, the air output can be better guaranteed.

Using heat recovery technology to cool the high temperature oil produced by the screw air compressor, not only can improve the efficiency of air compressor air production, but also enable user enterprises to obtain the hot water required for production and life, which can be heated to ≥ 50 ℃ in severe winter and ≥ 60 ℃ in summer and autumn, thus solving the heavy burden of business owners who pay for domestic hot water for a long time.

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