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How to choose frequency inverter

Time: 2016-09-30

1. Select the type of load and frequency inverter. Inverters do not normally available in any case, it is necessary to learn more about the VSD load type, environmental requirements.


Not the same as the load carried by the motor, the inverter requirements are not the same.


a. pumps and fans. This is the most common load, with the simplest requirements on VSD, as long as the inverter capacity is equal to the capacity of the motor.

b. crane load, this type of load is characterized by a great start, so there is a certain margin requirements for VSD. Also, when heavy decentralization, there will be energy feedback, so use the brake unit or the use of common bus mode.

c. uneven load, some load sometimes light, sometimes heavy. You should follow heavy duty to select the VSD capacity, such as rolling mill machinery, grinding machines, mixers.

2. Long-term low-speed operation, due to higher motor heat, fan cooling capacity decreases, therefore must be used to increase the speed reduction ratio or use 6 motor, the motor running in the vicinity at the higher frequency.

3. inverter installation site must meet the requirements of environmental standards, or easily cause malfunction or shorten the life. The distance between the VSD and the motor is generally less than 50m, For longer distances, you need to Reduce the carrier frequency or increase the reactor option to normal operation.