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Basic Knowledge

How To Choose the Suitable Screw Air Compressor

Time: 2017-07-27

1.The quality of the air
The quality of the air is determined by the user's requirement for the drying level and the pollution level of the air. It is possible to save a lot of costs by finding out the real demand for dry levels and the minimum number of pollution levels that meet the production needs. This will avoid the purchase of more than the actual production needs of the machines and models to achieve cost savings purposes.

2.The air delivery of the air compressor
How to calculate the air supply in the air system? This total amount is made up of your compressed air application equipment and handling device (load factor also need to be taken into account). The total amount of air demand is not the sum of the maximum demand for all components but the sum of the average demand for each equipment.

3.The working pressure of the air compressor
In calculating the minimum exhaust pressure requirements, we need to calculate the pressure level and pressure drop of the compressed air equipment. Compressed air from one component into another component, the pressure inside the device also will be reduced. Some people often have the wrong judgment that the air compressor pressure is too low or unstable, that is due to the lack of sufficient exhaust pressure caused.

4.Loading requirements
Another key to the rational design and operation of the screw air compressor system is to analyze the plant's compressed air demand from the overall situation. In the long run, changes in air demand are a problem that can not be overlooked in system design. Some factories have a high demand for air demand variability, users need to design a set of energy to meet their own needs efficient, energy-efficient programs, such as the use of multiple air compressor parallel control, in order to obtain the most economical mode of operation.