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How to Configure an Air Compressor Station for The Steel Industry

Time: 2022-12-14

The iron and steel industry refers to the production of raw iron, steel, industrial pure iron and ferroalloys and is one of the basic industries of all industrialised countries in the world.
As a typical large industrial enterprise with high energy consumption, compressed air accounts for a large proportion of all energy consumption (about 5-15% of total energy consumption). In steel companies, compressed air is widely used as an energy medium. The use of compressed air in steel companies is included in all production processes.

General steel company air pressure station configuration: The types of air compressors in steel companies generally include centrifugal, screw type, and currently piston type air compressors have been largely eliminated. Centrifugal machine air pressure stations are generally configured with 2 to 9 centrifugal machines, usually with a displacement of 100 to 300m/min, and are generally set to 1.3Mpa or less according to production needs, with 0.38MPa and 0.5Mpa for steel making and continuous casting, 0.8MPa for power/instrumentation, and 1.3Mpa for coal blast furnace. Screw machine air pressure station is generally configured with 2-8 screw machines, most of the exhaust volume is less than 10-40m/min, screw air compressor is mainly used as an auxiliary air source for centrifugal air compressor.

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The quality requirements of compressed air in steel enterprises: the quality requirements of compressed air in steel enterprises are usually not too high, except for a part of the instrument compressed air needs to use refrigerated dryers, most of them do not need too precise processing. In general, the amount of compressed air used by steel companies is very large and can be described as a veritable "compressor demand", ranging from a few hundred cubic meters to thousands of cubic meters.