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How to Use The Air Compressor Correctly?

Time: 2018-03-30

1. Before using the air compressor, you should consult the manual of the air compressor. Don't assume that a lot of models are taken for granted, and some details are ignored and often cause unnecessary damage.
2. If you want to save energy effectively, you should pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the air compressor room. The environment temperature of air compressor room is too high, which is equivalent to reducing the efficiency of air compressor, reducing the discharge volume and increasing energy consumption. For every 100 ℃ of environmental temperature increase, the efficiency of air compressor is reduced by 3%.
3. Besides, the air compressor room should be kept clean and tidy. Air compressor room environment is too dirty, easy to cause air compressor filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator jam, lubricating oil accelerated pollution, change frequently.
4. Make regular maintenance of the air compressor, and try to use the original parts. If the air compressor is not properly maintained or is not maintained for a long time, the small problems will accumulate over the years, and the life of the machine will be significantly shortened.
5. Air compressor should be concentrated as much as possible. If the air compressor is scattered throughout the plant, the pipeline is independent, which increases the purchase cost, and also increases the cost of pipeline and maintenance.

use the air compressor correctly