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Time: 2018-10-12

It is well known that the screw air compressor parts tend to be replaced in the process of use, including air filter, oil filter, filter, screw air compressor oil etc. how to determine which screw air compressor parts quality is wonderful when customers choose screw air compressor? I will share some identification methods with as follow:

first, air filter, we use the naked eye can distinguish. Filter by the naked eye to distinguish the quality of the paper density and low quality can make a lot of dust into the air compressor internal, impurities clogging oil core, roughly the internal pressure is too high, the relief valve opening and injection.

Second, the oil filter. we can't use our eyes to identify the screw air quality ,but only can through running time . If before the appointed time clogging alarm or oil pressure is small, lead to exhaust temperature is too high, is caused by the oil filter clogging, if the poor quality of oil filter can also lead to air compressor fault.

Third, the oil and gas separator, its cost is higher, so the screw air compressor price is higher too. Import oil and gas separator quality is better, especially the differential ratio and oil filter.

Fourth, the special screw air compressor oil, engine oil is the blood of air compressor, if have no good oil, air compressor can not run. Screw air compressor oil belongs to Petroleum, there are 8000 hours of syntheticoil and 4000 hours of semi synthetic oil, there are 2000 hours of mineral oils are three common class. Choose good special screw air compressor oil is very important.