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Maintenance and Repair of Compressor Fan

Time: 2023-01-05

Correct maintenance, maintenance, is the safe and reliable operation of the fan, to improve the fan life of an important guarantee. Therefore, when using the fan, it is necessary to pay full attention to.

1. impeller maintenance, maintenance
At the beginning of impeller operation and all regular inspections, as soon as possible, must check whether the impeller cracks, wear, dust accumulation and other defects.
Whenever possible, the impeller must be kept in a clean state and the accumulated dust and rusty skin on it must be brushed off with a steel wire brush regularly, because as the running time increases, these dusts, which cannot be evenly attached to the impeller, cause the balance of the impeller to break down and cause the rotor to vibrate.
As long as the impeller is repaired, it needs to be balanced again. If there are conditions, a portable test balancer can be used to balance the impeller on site. Before balancing, it is necessary to check whether all the fastening bolts are tightened. Because the impeller has been operating in unbalanced condition for a period of time, these bolts may have been loosened.

2. Maintenance of casing and air inlet chamber
Except for regular inspection of the casing and air inlet chamber for serious wear and tear and removal of serious dust accumulation, no other special maintenance can be performed on these parts.
Regularly check whether all the fastening bolts are tight, and for fans with pressurized bolts, press the butterfly spring on the bottom foot to the installation height specified in the drawings.

3. Maintenance of the bearing section
Check the lubricating oil supply to the bearings frequently, if there is oil leakage in the case, the bolts of the end cover can be tightened a little, if this does not work, it may have to be replaced with a new seal packing.

4. Maintenance of the rest of the supporting equipment
Each supporting equipment, including motors, electric actuators, instruments, meters, etc., maintenance and repair are detailed in their respective manuals. These instruction manuals are provided by the manufacturers of the packages, the manufacturer will provide these instructions in a random box to the user.

5. Maintenance of the fan when it is not in use
When the fan stops using, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃, the remaining water of the equipment and pipeline should be drained to avoid freezing the equipment and pipeline.

6. Fan long-term parking and storage maintenance work when not in use
(1) The bearings and other major components of the surface coated with anti-rust oil to avoid rust.
(2) Fan rotor every half month or so, should manually move the rotor rotate half a circle (both 180 °), before moving should be marked in the end of the shaft, so that the original uppermost point, after moving the rotor is located at the bottom.

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