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March 16, 2020, 3 Units of Elang 330HP Screw Compressor for Chemical Industry

Time: 2022-10-28

Various types of air compressor equipment are commonly used in industrial production. It is the key equipment to complete the automatic production and enhance the high efficiency of production. In most of the applications, air compressors are in permanent, continuous and high-speed operation. The task of an air compressor is to provide the compressed gas required for production.

The chemical production process is complicated, the processing is harsh, and most of the substances are flammable, explosive, harmful and corrosive, plus the production equipment is huge and the production process is continuous and automated. Therefore, the chemical industry has high technical standards for air compressors, which are required to operate safely and smoothly and at the same time require easy maintenance, so some of the equipment is still imported so far. Secondly, the chemical industry, such as coal chemical industry and crude oil chemical industry, has a long industrial chain with large investment and large company scale, which also requires high requirements for equipment suppliers.

The scope of application of air compressors in chemical production work, in addition to its use in the transport of chemical raw materials, hazardous liquid tanks, packaging, automatic control system equipment, ship automation technology equipment, crude oil drilling and other levels.

3 Units of Elang 330HP Screw Compressor used in Chemical factory in 2020 to offer a stable air flow for customer use.

Elang 330hp screw compressor


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