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March 9, 2021, 200kw 2.5bar Low Pressure Air Compressor in a Textile Mill

Time: 2022-10-28

The textile industry is closely with our daily life. We need use air compressor during process of the yarn change to cloth.The cloth in textile factory needs mature textile technology. The process needs to be completed by the low pressure of air compressor to support. Let’s introduce the application of low pressure air compressor in textile industry.

In the textile industry, air jet loom is a large gas consumption equipment . At the same time, compressed air is also needed for warp knitting machine and circular knitting machine. In the chemical fiber industry, air compressors are also needed for slicing dryer and material transportation.

Air compressor is used as the medium to guide the weft in textile industry.In the textile industry, the main production stage request air jet loom production takes compressed air to bring the weft line out. Air jet loom has strict requirements on the quality and pressure of compressed air.The working principle of air jet loom is to use air as the weft insertion medium. The weft yarn is pulled through the shed by the compressed air jet sprayed by the low pressure air compressor in the textile industry. The purpose of weft insertion is achieved by the jet generated by air compressor in textile industry.

In order to ensure the normal operation of air jet loom, the compressed air quality sprayed by low pressure air compressor is very important in the textile industry. The quality of compressed air directly affects the quality of products.

Many steps in textile production need to use compressed air, but each step has different requirements for compressed air quality, as long as the air source of air jet loom is met, it can basically meet all the gas demand of the whole production line.

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