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Motor performance parameters

Time: 2016-11-29

Service factor: all the motor of air compressor industry are non-standard motor. the status is bigger motor but marked smaller.

Service factor: generally it is 1.1 to 1.2.

Example 200KW air compressor ,motor service factor of 1.15, then the maximum power of the air compressor motor up to 200 * 1.15 = 230KW, It reserve 15% Power .

Protection class: refers to the motor waterproof, dustproof level, the general IP23 has been enough, but in the air compressor industry, usually choose IP55 and IP54 for 380V motor, 6KV.10KV motor is the choice of IP23, also some customer require IP55 Or IP54.

Insulation class: refers to the motor's ability to withstand high temperature anti-burn rating. The general use of the F-class, B-class temperature assessment is higher than the F-level assessment of a standard level.