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Oil-free Compressors Recommendation

Time: 2022-11-11

Oil-free compressors are air compressors developed specifically for production processes and applications with demanding air quality requirements. To date, oil-free compressor technology has covered the three main types of screw, piston and scroll.
Research data shows that scroll air compressors are the highest proportion of oil-free machines, with 62.5% of companies having oil-free scroll air compressors, dry oil-free double screw air compressors and water-lubricated oil-free single-screw air compressors account for the same proportion, oil-free piston air compressors are second, and water-lubricated oil-free double -screw air compressors account for the lowest proportion. In turn, the potential growth of water-lubricated oil-free double screws is relatively larger.
The main segments of oil-free machines in greater demand this year are the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry, the medical industry. Precision manufacturing, the power industry, etc. The demand for oil-free piston machines has now been largely replaced by micro-oil screw air compressors.
For the most total users with small air volume requirements, oil-free scrolls can be used, generally recommended below 7.5kw.Oil-free water lubrication can be used up to 160kw, while above 160kw it is better to use a dry oil-free type. For larger ones oil-free centrifugal air compressors are also recommended.

scroll air compressor

Oil Free
Scroll Air Compressor

Working Pressure: 6.0~8.0bar85~116psig
Air delivery: 0.24~0.6m3/min8.5~21.2cfm
Working power: 2.2~5.5kw

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oil free water lubricated air compressor

Oil Free Water Lubricated
Air Compressor

Working Pressure: 7.0~12.5bar100~181psig
Air delivery: 2.3~43m3/min81.2~1518cfm
Working power: 18.5~250kw

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dry oil free air compressor

Dry Oil Free
Air Compressor

Working Pressure: 5.0~10.0bar72~145psig
Air delivery: 7.8~72m3/min275~2542cfm
Working power: 55~355kw

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