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Oil-free Screw Air Compressor Compared with Oil-free Piston Compressor

Time: 2017-07-14

Compression Principle
1. Oil-free screw air compressor is a kind of positive displacement compressor, through the high-speed rotation of the anion and cation to achieve suction, compression, exhaust three working process.
2. Piston air compressor is a kind of reciprocating air compressor, driven by the motor crankshaft mechanism to form the piston reciprocating motion, and to achieve suction, compression, exhaust three working processes.

Oil-free Screw Air Compressor VS Oil-free Piston Compressor

Vibration, noise
1. Head engagement, speed of 15,000 rpm per minute, with a suction valve, high noisy.
2. The piston is in frictional contact with the cylinder wall, Pulse airflow, affecting vibration and noise parameters.

Structure, weight
1. Air end with two compression, two cooling, large size, complex structure.
2. Unit structure is complex, need to be foundation installation.


1. The air end has a complex shaft seal system, cooling system, transmission system, more spare parts.
2. Suction and exhaust valve moves frequently, the piston and the cylinder wall in direct contact with the increase in mechanical wear probability.