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Outlook of water lubrication oil free single screw air compressor

Time: 2016-09-08

Oil-free air compressor, is a high quality compressor, which not only enhances the cleanliness of compressed air, but also reduces the contamination of the lubricating oil. Air compressor industry has been looking for a high-quality compressed air.

At present, most oil-free compressors are piston type, single screw compressor in domestic industry. As price of oil free single compressor is relatively high, many domestic enterprises will use injection multi-stage oil-processing system to replace an oil-free compressor. As state require more and more strict requirements for food, medicine and other require no oil industry, oil-free compressors will be a great demand and development space in the future.

As technology improved, manufacturers of healthy competition, the state’s control of environmental pollution and strongly rising oil prices, water lubricated oil-free compressor advantages stand out more and more, the price will be decreased to the similar level as a oil injection compressor, the market share will be greatly enhanced. Until then, water lubricated compressor will not only squeeze injection compressor market, crowding out other oil-free market share is very possible. Like screw compressor replace piston machine, water lubrication oil-free compressor will replace the oil injection, which will be irresistible reality.