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Precautions for Turning on The Screw Air Compressor

Time: 2023-02-15

In order to ensure the normal use of the screw air compressor after a long period of downtime, the following matters need to be noted.

Test for Screw Air Compressor

Preparation before starting
1. check whether the machine line is normal; check whether the oil level is within the normal range.
2. turn on the cooling water circulation system of the water-cooled unit and test whether the circulation system is operating normally.
3. adding a small amount of clean oil from the air inlet and manually coiling (belt and direct-connected models).
4. power on, check whether the three-phase power supply is normal, and start the chiller if there is one.
5. not too short time (a week to two weeks) shutdown, without the intake valve refueling is not a big problem, check whether the exhaust valve is open when the machine is turned on.

Ignition method:
1. press the start button, run for about 5 seconds and then press the emergency stop button, the interval of about half a minute (for permanent magnet inverter, pointing can be pressed after the end of the pre running time emergency stop), repeat the above steps no less than 2 times and then start normally.
2. If the temperature rises rapidly and there is a strange noise when starting, this is the internal oil has not been circulated, you must immediately press the emergency stop and restart several times.
3. After the machine starts normally, check the operation data and wait for the compressor to run normally before starting normal air supply.

Precautions during operation:
1. After normal operation of the air compressor, the inspection staff of the compression workshop should conduct a comprehensive inspection periodically, not less than 1 tour per hour.
2. The exhaust temperature must be between 75℃-95℃ during operation to avoid condensate precipitation to emulsify the oil.
3. Confirm that the pressure gauge and oil level gauge indicate normal, and the oil level must be kept in the middle of the two red lines during operation.
4. Whether the various protection devices are working normally.
5. Initial start and start after motor maintenance, must confirm the compressor running direction.
6. Non-emergency use of emergency stop is strictly prohibited.
7. It is strictly forbidden to mix the lubricants of different brands.