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Basic Knowledge

Prevention and maintenance of motor

Time: 2019-07-03

First, the motor of the screw air compressor is prohibited from long-term overload use: this point of non-standard operation is often encountered in many small and medium-sized enterprises. In the case of such long-term operation, the speed of the motor will drop rapidly, the current will continue to increase under the action of low voltage, and the temperature of the motor will gradually increase. If it is not stopped in time, the motor of the air compressor will burn out soon. risk;


Second, do a good job of regular cleaning and maintenance of the motor, cleaning projects include:

1. The starting device of the motor is an important cause of the burning of the motor. It needs to be placed in a ventilated environment for a long time, and the rust of each contact is cleaned up。


2, the air inlet of the motor should ensure a high degree of cleanliness, at least within three meters of the surrounding to ensure that there is no dust particles.


3. When the vibration of the screw air compressor is working normally or some abnormal noise occurs, it is necessary to pay attention to it. In this case, the cause of the motor failure must be ascertained, otherwise the motor will be burnt.