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Proper maintenance of important parts of screw air compressor

Time: 2020-09-08

Air inlet filter element maintenance and maintenance

Air filter are the components of an air filter dust dirt, filtered clean compressed air into the compression screw rotor cavity for screw machine internal clearance is only allowed within 15 u particle filter out if empty filter blocking damage, a large number of greater than 15 u particles into the screw machine cycle, not only greatly shorten the service life of fine oil filter oil separation core, can also lead to a large number of particles directly into the bearing chamber, accelerate bearing wear make rotor clearance increases, the compression efficiency is lower, even rotor bite dead boring
Air filter best maintenance every week, unscrewed the cap nut, remove the air filter element, with 0.2 0.4 Mpa compressed air, outward from the empty filter chamber blow in air filter dust particles of the surface outside, with a clean cloth to clean the air filter on the shell wall goods back to the empty cartridge, pay attention to the air filter of the front end of sealing ring with air filter shell of transverse joint screw tight diesel engine intake air filter maintenance should be simultaneous with the air compressor air filter, maintains the same way.
The air filter element should be replaced every 1000-1500 hours under normal conditions. It is recommended to replace the air filter element every 500 hours in places where the environment is particularly harsh, such as the mine ceramics factory cotton mill, etc When cleaning or replacing the empty filter element, the components must be closed one by one to prevent foreign matter from falling into the inlet valve
At ordinary times, it is necessary to frequently check whether the inlet expansion pipe is damaged and flat, and whether the connection port of the expansion pipe and the air filter inlet valve is loose and leak air should be repaired and replaced timely if found

Change of oil filter

After the new machine runs for 500 hours for the first time, the oil core should be replaced, the oil filter core should be removed with a special wrench, it is better to add screw oil before the new filter core is installed, the filter core seal should be returned to the oil filter base with both hands, tighten it firmly
It is recommended to replace the new filter element every 1500-2000 hours. It is better to replace the oil filter element at the same time when changing the oil. The replacement cycle should be shortened when using in bad environment
It is strictly prohibited to use the oil filter element beyond the limit, otherwise, due to the serious blockage of the filter element, the pressure difference exceeds the limit of the bypass valve, the bypass valve will automatically open, a large number of stolen goods particles will directly random oil into the screw host, causing serious consequences
The replacement of diesel oil filter element and diesel oil filter element in diesel engine with diesel moving screw machine should follow the maintenance requirements of diesel engine. The replacement method is similar to that of screw oil element

Maintenance and replacement of fine oil separator

Fine oil separator is to screw the separation of oil and compressed air components, under normal operation, the service life of fine oil separator in 3000 hours, but the quality of the lubricating oil and the air filtration precision has a great influence on the life of the visible used in harsh environment must shorten the maintenance of air filter replacement cycle, or even consider adding front air filter
The fine oil separator must be replaced when it expires or the pressure difference between front and rear exceeds 0.12mpa. Otherwise, the motor will be overloaded and the fine oil separator will be damaged and run out of oil
Replacement method:
Remove each control pipe joint installed on the oil and gas barrel cover and take out the return pipe extended into the oil and gas barrel on the oil and gas barrel cover and remove the fastening bolt on the oil and gas barrel cover
Remove the top cover of the oil and gas barrel and remove the fine separator to remove asbestos pad and dirt stuck to the top cover plate
Install the new oil separator, pay attention to the upper and lower asbestos gaskets must be stapler, the asbestos gaskets must be placed neatly when pressed, otherwise it will cause the gaskets
Assemble the original package back to the control pipe of the upper cover plate and check whether there is leakage

Maintenance and replacement of screw oil

The quality of screw oil has a decisive impact on the performance of the oil injection screw machine, good oil has good oxidation stability, separation, quick foam cleaning, high viscosity and anti-corrosion performance, therefore, the user must use the pure company dedicated screw oil
The first oil replacement shall be carried out after the new machine running in period of 500 hours. It is better to replace the oil filter at the same time when replacing the new oil according to the instructions in the future. Shorten the replacement cycle when using in the place with bad environment
Replacement method:
Start the air compressor and run for 5 minutes, so that the oil temperature rises above 50 and the oil viscosity decreases
Stop operation. When there is no pressure of 0.1mpa in the oil and gas barrel, open the oil discharge valve at the bottom of the oil and gas barrel and connect it to the oil discharge valve of the storage tank. Open the oil filter element slowly, so as to avoid drip-drip-out of pressure lubricating oil and other lubricating oil like harmful pollutants
Open the screw plug of the refueling port and inject new oil so that the oil level is within the scope of the oil scale line. Tighten the screw plug of the refueling port and check whether there is leakage
Lubricating oil in use process must often check, found that the oil level line is too low, should be timely added new oil, lubricating oil in use must also often discharge of condensed water, generally emissions, once a week in high temperature climate emissions should be 2-3 days down more than 4 hours at a time, in a barrel of oil and gas play open valve, without pressure discharge condensate, saw the organic oil flow out quickly close the valve
Different brands of lubricating oil are strictly prohibited to mix, do not use the lubricating oil beyond the specified period, otherwise the quality of lubricating oil will decline, poor lubricity, flash point will be reduced, it is very easy to cause high temperature stop, cause oil spontaneous combustion

Maintenance of cooler

Cooler cooling effect is good or bad, directly affect the use of air compressor temperature fin type structure and is easy to gather dust, so the cooler maintenance need to use more than 0.4 Mpa per dry compressed air to blow down on the wood screw chillers is upright, maintenance need to use more than 0.4 Mpa when dry compressed air from blowing outside, after the blow to clean up the dust particles within the ventilation hood, prevent again by the fan blowing into the jam in the cooler, high temperature caused by machine If the machine is used in a harsh environment and the cooler is covered with oil, it must be cleaned with a carbon cleaner

Minimum pressure valve (pressure maintenance valve) cleaning

In the screw air compressor in the minimum pressure valve although the volume looks small, but do not look at it small, but it controls the whole machine in order to let it in the normal operation of the regular work, the following provides the screw air compressor minimum pressure valve maintenance method
Minimum pressure valve by minimum pressure valve by valve valve core adjusting nut spring packing element of the minimum pressure valve is mainly to establish internal pressure group, prompting oil circulation meet load reducing valve action such as working pressure, in addition, the minimum pressure valve also play the role of the one-way valve, prevent unloading the runtime storage tanks of compressed air flow back to the air compressor
The structure of the minimum pressure valve is very simple, unscrew between the valve core and the valve body screw air compressor nut can take out the components inside, the small unit of the minimum pressure valve spool is built in the valve body, the body can be removed by disconnecting the cover of the internal components
The minimum pressure valve can be cleaned by cleaning the load reducing valve
As the structure of the minimum pressure valve is very simple, the assembly process is not a description, but pay attention to, such as the internal U-ring, the direction of the u-ring screw air compressor minimum pressure valve after the completion of the entire cleaning process put aside to be loaded into the air compressor

Return oil check valve cleaning

Check valve by the body ball steel ball seat spring and other components Air compressor host compression of the mixture of oil and gas in first YouQiGuan preliminary separation by centrifugal force, because the oil is greater than the weight of the air, most of the oil in a solid mixture of oil and gas to oil tank by centrifugal force, screw air compressor are then under the action of internal pressure returns to the host for the lubrication cycle, and contain a small amount of compressed air by the oil and gas separator of oil separation again, this time separation of oil and gas separator lubricating oil will fall to the bottom of the oil and gas separator, in order not to let this part of the oil with compressed air, unit used in the design of a pipeline inserted into the bottom of the oil and gas separator, through the internal pressure, this part will be directly introduced into the host lubricating oil , and the tubing has a one-way valve, screw air compressor called return oil single valve
Its function is to smoothly recover the oil of the oil and gas separator to the main engine and do not let the oil of the main engine flow back to the oil and gas separator return to a single valve in the valve body has a joint, from where unscrew, take out the spring steel ball steel ball seat
Clean return oil check valve: clean valve body spring steel ball base with cleaning agent. Some check valves also have filter net inside. If there is any, clean together

Screw air compressor to clean temperature control valve

Temperature control valve by valve body core temperature component and other components of the spring temperature control valve temperature control effect, when the temperature control valve test, temperature-sensing component of the oil temperature is lower than the operating value (thermal element action value generally is 71 degrees), the lubricating oil from the barrels of oil and gas directly back to the host, when the temperature control valve of measuring the oil temperature is higher than action, temperature-sensing component value, the temperature control valve temperature sensing element thimble, promote by-pass valve, the valve core to open their own equipment lubricating oil into the cooler (if the higher the temperature of the thermal components test, the greater the by-pass valve open), after cooling lubricating oil back to the host
Screw air compressor temperature control valve surface has a cover, the cover has a screw hole, find a suitable nut to screw into the cover, and then take out the clamp to fix the cover clamp, and then use the clamp to pull the nut just screwed in, then take off the cover and all the internal parts according to the method of cleaning reducing valve cleaning temperature control valve all parts
After all the above parts have been cleaned and dried, they shall be installed to the air compressor. After installing all parts to the air compressor, they shall check again for any omission and clean up the tools and other articles used during installation