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Screw air compressor needs 5 spare parts to change from time to time

Time: 2018-09-07

In order to ensure the normal operation of the screw air compressor, it is necessary to replace some things from time to time, such as lubricating oil, oil filter, pre-filter, air filter, oil separator, etc., and the replacement of these things is strict. For the time limit, after the screw air compressor has been used for a certain period of time, these accessories must be replaced.

1) Lubricating oil
The replacement time of the screw air compressor oil can be controlled for about 500 hours for the first time, and then can be changed every 3,000 hours or so.

2) Oil filter
The replacement time of the screw air compressor oil filter for the first time is 500 hours of use, and it can be replaced once every 1500 hours later.

3) Pre-filter
The pre-filter of the screw air compressor must be cleaned every ten days or so, and the working environment can be shortened. (non-essential equipment)

4) Air filter
The screw air compressor must reach the set time for 1000 hours, or the filter must be cleaned or replaced when there is a corresponding indication. If the working environment of the machine is relatively poor, the use time of the air filter can be shortened accordingly.

5) Oil and gas separator
When the screw air compressor is in use, if the indicator light is on or the oil pressure exceeds the normal working value, the oil separator must be tested/replaced. The general replacement time is about 3,500 hours, depending on the specific working environment.

Note: When testing/replacement of the oil separator, make sure that no debris falls into the oil drum to prevent the air compressor from running.